Kauffman Cloud


Project Overview

I worked with Kauffman Fellows to help re-design their private web app platform, Kauffman Cloud, on a team of 3.


3 weeks | 2021


UX Design

Visual Design

Interactive Design

Information Architecture


Figma | Miro | Slack


Kauffman Fellows


Raini Vargas

Grant Czernicki

Office Building

Kauffman Fellows Program

A two-year educational leadership program with the largest connected network of venture capital investors and innovation leaders in the world with 708 Fellows in over 50 different countries.

What is Kauffman Cloud?

KF developed and launched a private internal resource & networking platform known as Kauffman Cloud allowing Fellows to easily find information & discover other Fellows with common interests.

Kickoff Meeting with Kauffman Fellows team

Our team collaborated with the KF's team consisting of:


Product Manager, Developer, and the VP of Program & Networks.

"The goal is for Fellows, whether graduated or in the current class, to be able to jump into the platform and easily navigate and find all the information they need."

The Challenge

The Opportunity

Re-design and improve Kauffman Cloud's information architecture and heuristics to be visually accessible and intuitively navigable.

The current Kauffman Cloud is not easily accessible for Fellows to find resources, discover & network quickly with other Fellows.


What is the current experience like?

I conducted a combination of interviews with 3 Fellows to understand their usage and behavior on the current Kauffman Cloud platform.

Screen Shot 2021-09-01 at 9.13.56 PM.png
Fellows appeared confused and often second guessed their navigation choices while using the current Navigation Bar.
Information architecture and hierarchy was misleading for Fellows to navigate through.
The inconsistencies of icons and titles with differing contexts caused confusion and hesitation.



Kauffman Fellows provided their company's design assets and tasked our team to implement Material Designs UI as we move into the design phase.


Initial Design

The apparent struggle Fellows faced while navigating Kauffman Cloud inspired the re-design in iconography with each function and title. 

Original KF Navigation

New Hi-Fi Design

Changed Directory icon and title to search icon and 'Search' title because Fellows often used the Directory page as a grand search feature.

Changed library icon from a grad hat to a leaning stack of books. 

Renamed & changed icon and title from 'SIGs & Chapters' to 'Groups' with a tri-person icon.

Moved grad hat icon from Library' to 'Classes'.



Throughout the course of this project, our main point of contact was with the Product Manager, Ava. She was able to quickly find 2 busy Fellows, who were willing to test our new navigation system.

Initial validations with Fellows suggested that our team was on track to design a final prototype with the exception of one feature.

Fellows preferred the original 'Directory' title over 'Search' because of familiarity.

Both Fellows agreed that the iconography needed change, but did not find the search icon and title to be an intuitive improvement.

Final Prototype

"This will be a major upgrade to the look, feel, and functionality of Kauffman Cloud... I was especially impressed with the way your team seemed to understand our brand and organization. This is not easy to do, as there are many unique aspects to Kauffman."

Jeff Harbach 
President & CEO | Kauffman Fellows

Recommendations from Team ARG! to our wonderful clients at Kauffman Fellows is to optimize Kauffman Cloud to be mobile-ready & responsive.

Additional features to build out:

// An internal messaging system

// Building out Kauffman HQ page

// Completing the Admin Console page


If we had more time, we would've usability tested more people, or at least one more person.

Additionally, some challenges our team faced was staying within the scope of the project. We wanted to do it all, which led to some very late nights and revisits to the original scope of work in order to stay on track.

I am overtly impressed with how much our team accomplished with the little amount of time we had to design the entire platform. Our team's ability to collaborate effectively led to a phenomenal final product.


Big thanks to Ava and the rest of the team at Kauffman Fellows for keeping quick and easy open communication for the duration of this project. We couldn't have done it without y'all!