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The Choss Shop & Café

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Project Overview

Solo concept project for an eCommerce website showcasing an improved products list while maintaining brand image as a "small shop" from Marfa, TX.



The Choss Shop

& Café


2 weeks | 2021





UX Research

UX & UI Design

The Challenge

The Choss Shop needs a way to promote their outdoor equipment because customers value their unique blend of outdoor equipment and local artisan café.

The Opportunity

Expand The Choss Shops online inventory with a special home kit featuring their unique blend of outdoor equipment and local artisan café products.

Choss Shop.png

About Choss Shop & Café

Adventure and coffee all in one visit. Promoting outdoor recreation in the Big Bend area of Marfa, TX with a vast inventory of outdoor equipment to outfit a camping, hiking or climbing trip. Locals and visitors can also buy coffee and snacks to bring with them on their next adventure.


I interviewed 4 frequent coffee drinkers and created an affinity map.

Frame 2 (1).png
Frame 1.png
Frame 3.png

The interviews revealed a few key points:

1. Customers want to see a variety of photos that capture the vibe of the coffee shop before they decide whether they want to go. 

2. Customers enjoy a pleasantly minimal, clean, organized & welcoming ambiance.

3. Customers want to be able to browse coffee shop's products online, a basic coffee menu & any unique specialty items like syrups or seasonal items.

Who are we targeting?


Meet Sonya

Sonya is a frequent coffee drinker who loves supporting small business café's. Additionally, she promotes small businesses by posting on her social media.


Meet Jacob

Jacob is a local artist living in Marfa, TX who's an avid cold brew drinker. As a local artisan, Jacob struggles to sell his handmade ceramics during the pandemic.

Sonya's flow

Jacob User Flow.png

Jacob's flow

Sonya User Flow.png

Customer flows

Competitive Analysis

P2_Feature Analysis.png

With a feature analysis I am able to see what essential features coffee and outdoor equipment competitors had in store. 

Key takeaways:

About Us, Contact, Location(s), Rental, Outdoor Gear, Events

Task Analysis.png

With a task analysis I can understand the customers flow of fulfilling a task, or purchase.


Lo-Fi Wireframes

Home Page


Product Page

Product Page.png

Payment Page

Checkout Page.png

Hi-Fi Mockups

Home (1).png
Ceramic Tumbler Product pg (1).png
Usability Test Analysis.png

Usability Testing

5 participants helped conduct 3 tasks.

3/5 succeeded in finding Climbing Rope.

5/5 succeeded in finding In-House Roasted Coffee Beans.

5/5 failed finding Contact Us (All intuitively hovered over the About page)

Final Prototype
Final Prototype.gif
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